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Zone 0 Headtorch




The Wolf ‘Zone 0’ Headtorch HT-200 is a primary cell powered head lamp with LED light source. It is ATEX approved for safe use in Zone 0 Hazardous Areas and is ideal for applications where hands free lighting is essential, particularly where access is difficult, requiring climbing or crawling.

The HT-200 Headtorch has been Certified by Baseefa for use in explosive atmospheres. It is CE marked in compliance with the 94/9/EC (ATEX Equipment) Directive, for use in shore-based hazardous area activities within the EU. In addition it has an IECEx Scheme certificate for use in other countries throughout the world. The approval code allows the Headtorch to be used in zones 0, 1 & 2 hazardous areas, in all group II (industrial) gas apparatus groups, for potentially explosive gases, vapours and mists up to T4 or T3 temperature class, dependant on cell type used.

The Wolf ‘Zone 0’ Headtorch has a compact, lightweight design and is constructed from a robust and highly durable thermoplastic material, which is inherently anti-static, minimising the risk of ignition from static charges. The lens is treated with a scratch resistant anti-static coating and the lens module is fitted with a rubber shroud, protecting the product from impact damage, ensuring suitability in industrial applications. The HT-200 has a metal locking clasp, securing the headtorch battery enclosure to prevent accidental opening in the hazardous area, but designed for quick removal allowing easy cell replacement.

Seven high intensity, everlasting, white LEDs give 30 hours duration at full brightness from one set of three AA alkaline primary cells (up to 240 hours with reduced output). The use of primary cells makes the product a more economical solution for personal lighting requirements in many applications arising in Hazardous Area confined spaces. Three switching levels, selected using the push button integral to the rubber shroud, ensure a wide range of options for duration and brightness. The lamp head can be pivoted, allowing for easy control of the light output direction up or down.

The HT-200 is designed to give the user effective hands free lighting. It is supplied fitted with a fabric head band and padded lamp backing, allowing the headtorch to be comfortably worn directly on the head for extended periods.


• ATEX Zone 0 HT-200 Headtorch Brochure
• ATEX Zone 0 HT-200 Headtorch Manual
• ATEX Zone 0 HT-200 Headtorch Multilingual Manual
• ATEX Certificate
• IECEx Certificate


• Certified to ATEX Directive
• IECEx Scheme Certified
• Explosive gas, vapour and mist certified for zones 0,1 & 2
• Up to T4 temperature class
• Seven ‘Everlasting’ High intensity LEDs
• Push button switchable three, five or seven LEDs
• Long 30 hour duration at full brightness
• Robust anti-static thermoplastic enclosure
• Fitted with fabric head band


- Seven high output LEDs (approx 28°)
- Peak luminous intensity at 1m 114 lux, at 2.5m 19 lux

Product Reference


Product description

Safety headtorch, primary cell powered


II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4/T3 
Ex ia IIC T4/T3

Type of Protection

"ia" intrinsic safety

Area of classification (Gases)

Zones 0, 1 and 2, Gas groups IIA, IIB, IIC

Temp. classification (Gases)


Ambient temperature

-20°C to +40°C


IECEx BAS 04.0053


Thermoplastic, anti-static


Antistatic coated polycarbonate

Beam type

Wide angle

Light source


Seven white high intensity LEDs


100,000 hours (typical)

Power source

Pt. no

3 x HT-210 (LR6)


LR6/R6 primary cells, to IEC 60086 (T4/T3 see instructions)


3 x 1.5v

Light duration

Up to 240 hours (30 hours at full brightness)

Ingress protection


Weight (inc. cells)


EC - Type examination certificate