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Tripod stands




The Airturbo and Turbolite lighting systems are very flexible and can be adapted to all sorts of confined space applications varying from huge storage tanks to small sewers.

The Lamps can be suspended from bracing or spars, sited on platforms or mounted on tripod stands to illuminate the entry and working area as effectively as possible.

As previously emphasised, there are two important conditions of Certification which must be observed in any installation:

1. The supply hose must be of an Approved Anti-Static Type such that the electrical resistance between couplings must be within the limits of 104ohms (Min.) and 108ohms (Max.)

2. The compressed air supply should be clean, dry and uncontaminated. Folding Tripod Stand A-300 This very strong and convenient tripod stand is available for mounting airlamps in such a way that illumination can be angled in most directions. The lamp can be clamped to the tripod head without the need of any tools. When not in use the tripod can be folded away for easy storage.

Anti-Static Compressed Air Hose (A-179 and A-180) This special 12mm bore single braid hose is manufactured from an anti-static compound and is available in 18.3 metre (A-179) or 36.6 metre (A-180) lengths. Stainless Steel Hose Clips are provided but air line couplings are not for reasons of possible incompatibility.

Air Line Filters A simple automatic drain airline filter (A-184) can be supplied, but where there are major difficulties in achieving the air quality required an ultra high efficiency filter system (A-186) is recommended, and, as with the simple filter, has the throughput capacity sufficient to power either two Turbolites or six Airturbo Lamps.

Tools and Spares All of these items are available off the shelf and in special circumstances can be express shipped the same day in order to meet an urgent demand.

Repairs The company offers a repair and refurbishment service for all its compressed air safety lamp products with the aim of completing these tasks within 7 days of receiving confirmation instructions. Repair instructions and procedures are written in accordance with ISO 9000 Standards.