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Tyvek® Classic




DuPont™ Tyvek® Classic has been reliably protecting workers for years, and every year, millions of Tyvek® Classic garments protect people in various applications. Tyvek® Classic acts as a barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentration and particles larger than 1µm. It is ideal for occupations that come in contact with chemical threats such as asbestos and radioactive particulates.

Tyvek® Classic offers the following safety and comfort benefits:

  • extremely low-linting fabric properties
  • highly resistant to abrasion and tear
  • inherent barrier protection and protection in use
  • tough yet extremely light, soft, and comfortable
  • electrostatic properties according to EN 1149-1
  • permeable to air and water vapour

Chemical protective clothing:

Category III

Seam type:

Stitched seams


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