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Tychem® C




Tychem ®  C chemical suits offer safe, reliable and lightweight protection CE certified to type 3b, 4, 5 and 6 for the most varied applications. Because these Tychem ®  suits are designed to provide the right fit, they give the wearer maximum ease of movement to complete even difficult tasks.

Tychem ®  C suits offer the following safety and comfort benefits:

  • Provide both chemical (concentrated inorganic chemicals and ultra fine particles) and biological protection (meets EN 14126:2003 requirements) in lightweight limited use garment.
  • Are made of protective materials which undergo chemical permeation and mechanical properties testing by independent institutes and complying with EU Standards.
  • Can be easily disposed of because the protective clothing does not contain halogen compounds.
  • Offer reliable and constant quality: rigorous statistical quality control
  • Fit the wearer to protect them and keep them comfortable in any working environments.
  • Are extremely lightweight yet tough.
  • Have antistatic properties**
  • Come with integrated socks
  • Have stitched then over-taped seams: High strength seams that offer the same permeation barrier as the fabric.

Chemical protective clothing:

Category III

Seam type:

Stitched and overtaped seams


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