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Tychem® F2




DuPont™ Tychem ®  F2 garments offer type 3B, 4, 5 and 6 barrier protection when you need improved mechanical strength against a wide range of chemical and biological hazards.

These chemical protection suits are especially ideal for use in industrial cleaning, chemical manufacturing, and in the petrochemical industry.

The Tychem ®  F2 garment range offers you safe and reliable protection for various applications where high mechanical strength is needed.

Tychem ®  F2 chemical protection suits offer the following chemical safety and comfort benefits:

  • Have innovative design features for increased protection and enhanced comfort
  • Can be donned and doffed without extra help
  • Have type 3 tightness but at very high performance level without extra taping for liquids and ultra fine particles
  • Have excellent glove and respirator fitting
  • Ensure intact barrier during use due to high mechanical strength for demanding tasks or work in harsh environments
  • Protect from both chemical and biological hazards
  • Treated antistatically in the inside fulfilling the EN 1149-5 requirements
  • Are lightweight garments so wearers can perform at their best (less than 850g for Tychem ®  F2 – XL size).
  • Ensure a good fit thanks to optimum sizing
  • Help to reduce the risk of cross contamination due to easy dressing and undressing
  • Are resistant to the commonly used decontamination substances
  • Can be easily disposed of since the protective clothing does not contain halogen compounds
  • Stitched then over-taped seams: High strength seams and that offer equal permeation barrier as the fabric.

Chemical protective clothing:

Category III

Seam type:

Stitched and overtaped seams


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