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3M™ 9925 Particulate Respirator




The 3M™ 9925 Welding Fume Respirators provide lightweight, effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against dust, mist and metal fumes and resist clogging for extended use against welding fume. The 3M 9925 respirators have been designed specifically for welding applications to provide protection against Ozone and welding fumes, plus relief from nuisance odours. These respirators do not require costly and time-consuming maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

Robust Shell and Cup Design:

• Flame retardant outer surface minimises the effect of welding splatter
• Conforms well to most face shapes and sizes
• Is collapse-resistant

3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve:

• Effective removal of heat build up provides a cooler and more comfortable wear
• Removes exhaled air and minimises the risk of misting eyewear

Colour Coded Valve Lettering:

• Easy to recognise protection level (FFP2) by colour coding
• Carbon Layer
• Provides protection against ozone gas and relief from nuisance level odours (below TLV)

4-Point Adjustable Braided Headbands:

Help provide comfort to face, head and neck

Compatible with:

• Eyewear from 3M
• Hearing Protection from 3M
• 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Headtop
• Welding shields - low profile design for compatibility with welding shields

Product Code


Protection Classification


Exhalation Type



Cup Shaped

Protects against

Dust/Mist/Ozone/Nuisance level odours

Maximum Usage Level

• 10 x TLV for Ozone
• 10 x TLV for Particulates

Product Usage

Non Reusable


• Fine Dust
• Oil & Water Based Mist
• Ozone
• Nuisance Level Odours


EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR D