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3M™ 8835 Particulate Respirator




The 3M™ 8835 Respirator has exceptional comfort because of its lightweight, off-the-face design; its advanced soft facepiece sealing ring a large surface area providing maximum filtration but minimising the build-up of hot air inside the facepiece, an exhalation valve to reduce moisture buildup in certain work conditions and four point adjustable straps and adjustable nose clip to ensure a comfortable fit.

Features and Benefits:

Soft Inner Face-Seal Ring:

• Improves face seal and feeling of comfort
• Increases wearer comfort
• Can be hygienically cleaned for improved wearer hygiene if used for longer than one shift (3M™ 105 Face Seal Cleaner)

Robust Shell and Cup Design:

Robust and durable design provides multi-shift capability and a securer feel

3M™ Advanced Electret Filter Media:

• Increased filter area helps extend the life of the respirator. Higher capacity against dust
• Effective filtration combined with low breathing resistance
• Consistent high quality performance Colour Coded Valve Lettering
• Easy to recognise protection level (FFP3) by colour coding

3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve:

• Effective removal of heat build up provides a cooler and more comfortable wear • Removes exhaled air and minimises the risk of misting eyewear

Adjustable Braided Headbands:

Help achieve a more secure feel and provide comfort to face, head and neck

Compatible with:

• Eyewear with 3M
• Hearing Protection from 3M

Product Code


Protection Classification


Exhalation Type



Cup Shaped

Protects against

Dust/Mist/Metal Fume

Maximum Usage Level

Up to 50 x TLV for particulates

Product Usage



• Fine Dust
• Oil & Water Based Mist
• Metal Fume


EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3 R D